portrait by    Darija Jelincic

portrait by Darija Jelincic

My name is Milos, Iā€™m from Serbia and I am a photographer, working mainly in advertising, portraiture/beauty and fashion. At the moment I am based in Prague, Czech Republic. So far I have been traveling and working with productions and agencies in USA, South Africa, Turkey, Holland, Germany, Spain and Serbia. I have been working in commercial photography for the past 18 years, gaining experience, knowledge and producing images for various clients, brands and agencies and collaborating with some of the top experts in the field. Also, I have long and rich experience in production and able to organize full photo-shoot production. From casting, location scouting, catering to production and post-production, in Czechia and abroad.

I have a degree in still photography from FAMU, Film and TV school of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Since the beginning of my studies I started assisting to few top advertising photographers and my road to becoming independent photographer myself, was opened. Since then, I have always pushed myself to be better, more creative and more professional. I am open to meeting new, amazing people, to travel and to collaborate with new agencies, productions and clients.